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Press From The Rides Tour Rolls In!

While Hamish is out on tour with The Rides, the press continues to roll in. Check out some of the articles below!

"If anyone can hold the momentual task of warming up a crowd for The Rides, he (Hamish) did it." -Grateful Web / 5.9.16

"First, the crowd was treated to a brief opening set by Hamish Anderson, a 24-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist from Melbourne, Australia, who has begun to carve out a reputation for himself as a rising star in blues rock." -The Morning Call / 5.16.16

"Anderson hails from Australia, and has gained quite a bit of notoriety as the future of blues music." -Valley Ledger / 5.16.16

"Australian singer/guitarist Hamish Anderson opened the show with an impressive solo performance." / 5.20.16

"At 24 years young, I predict he has a long, successful musical career ahead of him." -Suze Reviews the Blues / 5.20.16